Tokyo Ghou Ep3: Uta-san

i was playing around with photoshop and idk i have mixed feelings





Get The Sims 2: Ultimate collection for FREE!!!!

Simply go to “Redeem product code” in Origin and enter: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS

It is for 1 week only, so hurry!

its downloading right now! Is it just the base game or the whole thing?

In case anyone is interested…

Im gonna go get it on my other two origin accounts lol

i have 506 followers now

i gained like 30 just bc of those demo pictures





Okay, going to work on Uncommon some more now. 


more low quality ts4 photo’s bc yeh \( ‘з’)/

ampharoxic asked: #Amber4god2k14

amber is our lord and savior


I’m so in love with my new icon 


I made my dream wife today..

Just kidding, i’m gay.


I’m loving The Sims 4 CAS already. \(^▽^@)ノ

i’m loving the cas of ts4 so much *^* like i’m already playing it for houres, i just can’t stop. help me.


moment of silence for those people who followed me since i started this blog

they have seen things i am not proud of

so i know i’ve been away now already for a little while, but i actually maybe want to come back. i’m not sure though. i’m getting my laptop back this tuesday and i thought why not start posting again. i don’t really know yet so yeah maybe i’m starting over with this simblr thingy.

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